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Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuels: Which Career Path is Right for You?

June 8, 2024
Choosing a career path in the energy sector involves a critical decision between renewable energy…

How to Transition into the Renewable Energy Industry: Skills and Tips

May 2, 2024
At Rubicon Consulting, we understand the evolving dynamics of the energy sector and the increasing…

How to Build a Successful Career Path in the Energy Sector

April 16, 2024
The energy sector offers diverse and rewarding career opportunities for individuals passionate about making a…

Interviewing Tips for Landing a Job in Power and Utilities

February 9, 2024
Securing a job in the power and utilities sector requires more than just a strong…

Top Skills in Demand for Power and Utilities Jobs in 2024

January 16, 2024
In 2024, the power and utilities industry will continue to undergo rapid transformation driven by…

Top Tips to Find a Job in Engineering: Insights from Rubicon Consulting

August 21, 2023
In today's rapidly evolving technological world, it's not just about obtaining a degree or mastering…

The Rise of Remote Work and Its Impact on Recruitment

July 19, 2023
Remote work has been on the rise for several years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has…

Navigating Talent Shortages: Strategies for Hiring in the Power & Utilities Industry

July 10, 2023
In today's dynamic job market, the power and utilities sector faces a unique challenge: talent…

How to find a job that you love in 10 steps

February 16, 2023
The process of finding a job you love can be a daunting task, but with…

Renewable Energy: The Future?

February 7, 2023
2023 is set to be a stand-out year for Renewable Energy with the whole industry…

The What, How, and Why of Procurement…

May 31, 2022
What is Procurement? Procurement is a vital function within any business. It is the process…

5 Reasons Companies Should Use a Recruitment Agency: Tips To Making the Right Choice for Your Business!

April 21, 2022
There are a lot of decisions that business owners need to make, and one of…

How to Impress in an Interview: 10 Tips That Will Get You the Job

April 6, 2022
Landing the job of your dreams is not an easy task. It takes a lot…

CONTRACT vs. PERMANENT Which type of role is best for you?

March 15, 2022
Contract work has always been dominant in the Telecommunications, Construction, Power/Utilities and Engineering sectors, from…

What is a Project Engineer?

March 9, 2022
A project engineer is someone who has the expertise to manage technical engineering projects. Most…

Tips on how to get your CV noticed!

February 15, 2022
Are you looking to secure your next role within Telecoms, Construction, Technology or Power/Utilities? -…

How to Find your Next Job

February 11, 2022
Do you feel like your job search has stalled? Then maybe it's time to find…

What is the Job of a Network Administrator?

January 12, 2022
A Network Administrator is responsible for the smooth operation of computer networks. This role involves…

How To Get A Job In The Telecom Sector

December 14, 2021
The telecommunications sector is essentially made of companies that make communications on a global scale…

What Is A Manufacturing Technician?

November 8, 2021
Manufacturing technicians are responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and documenting assembly processes and factory equipment. They…

What Does A Mechanical Engineer Do?

May 10, 2016
Mechanical engineers design and develop the systems that power modern life. They may work on…