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Power & Utilities.

The Power Generation industry is constantly evolving with new and exciting ways of creating power from various sources.

As specialists, Rubicon Consulting understands how diverse and demanding the industry is. Our knowledge and experience enables us to educate our clients on current market trends and ultimately find the best talent when its needed most. The main areas we provide niche resource for is as follows:

  • CCGT
  • Biomass
  • Nuclear
  • Steam & Gas Turbines
  • Generators
  • Wind Farms
  • Solar
  • Marine (Wave & Tidal)
  • Battery Storage

Transmission & Distribution.

Rubicon plays a large part in maintaining and upgrading the electrical T&D network through ensuring our clients have the best calibre of candidates to perform the role in hand.

Covering all aspects of the Electrical Transmission and Distribution sector from the substation builds/refurbs through to OHL maintenance and upgrades. We have a dedicated T&D team that have extensive knowledge in this field. We supply our clients with high calibre candidates that have the following experience and accreditation:

  • 11kv/33kv/132kv/400kv/
  • TP144/TP141/TP153 etc
  • Cable/Wind Farm Connections
  • Substation build/refurb/design
  • Switch Gear
  • OHL
  • Transformer

The water, gas and electrical industries are key to any infrastructure worldwide.

At Rubicon Consulting we understand this entirely and have developed a strong insight and knowledge of what resource is needed, which projects are key to the industries and ultimately where to find the best talent that is right for any given project.

Working in partnership with the key players throughout the Utilities sector, our consultants have used their expertise to provide niche talent to work across the UK and beyond. Having in-depth knowledge of specific projects within the sector, allows us to fully understand the client needs and efficiently secure relevant candidates to perform the projects at hand. We supply candidates to the utilities sector with the following experience:

  • Water/Waste water
  • Terminals
  • Gas Storage (LNG)
  • Compressors
  • Pipelines (water & gas)
  • Pressure Reduction Systems
  • Treatment plants (clean, waste including anaerobic digestion)

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