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People are at the heart of any company. So whatever business challenge you are facing, whether it be a need to increase revenue, support for an influx of work or to help in expanding your operations, it’s the people in your business that make it possible.

Today’s job market is highly competitive and sourcing the right people to fulfil your company’s hiring needs is growing more and more difficult. For a long time, the term ‘recruitment agency’ had many negative associations, however in more recent years, companies are looking to recruitment agencies more than ever to aid them in securing quality candidates for their ever-developing business needs. It has now become common practice for companies to view recruitment agencies as an effective go between themselves and their next employee.

Rubicon Consulting is one such agency. We are a Talent management consultancy which helps companies to optimise overall business performance no matter the business challenge, giving them a competitive advantage by choosing the right people first time!

Why use a recruitment agency like Rubicon Consulting:

Faster hiring and better quality candidates.

A recruitment agency can find potential candidates much faster as they usually have a comprehensive talent pool to source from, filled with people that have specific experience or skills in the roles, areas or industries you are looking for.
Due to their extensive networks and specialised contacts that are growing by the day, agencies can also reach passive, harder to find candidates that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact. Essentially, this means that the candidates that agencies submit for your review are ones of the highest quality, having already been screened by industry experts and found to fit your specific requirements, saving you the time of having to review potentially hundreds of CV’s sent your way via more direct recruitment methods.

More flexible hiring.

Depending on which recruitment agency you choose, a variety of services and solutions are on offer to suit your company’s hiring needs. For example, if your business model and needs require contractors or temporary workers then a recruitment agency is the way to go. They will generally already have lists of contractors who they know will be able to start immediately and provide you with the specific skills you require. They are also already set up to facilitate these employee types and everything that goes along with them i.e., dealing with the different payment avenues for Limited or Umbrella working and everything else that goes along with it.

Specialised recruitment experience.

Companies are always growing and changing, your inhouse recruitment team may need to source and conduct complex interviews for positions they may not necessarily be familiar with. Using a recruitment agency who has staff that specialises in sector specific recruiting often have a better knowledge of technical roles, the skills needed for them and be able to identify transferable skills others may miss. External recruitment agencies can also help tailor your job adverts and your external value proposition to help your appeal with potential talent.

Market knowledge.

As part of their everyday operations, recruiters are in conversations with both clients and candidates, utilising them to increase their knowledge about the sectors they specialise in. This makes them a great source of relevant information, able to provide your business with valuable insight and advice across a number of areas such as market trends, salary rates, career expectations, current hiring challenges, and candidate feedback on your company, you may otherwise have never known about.

Now, more than ever, companies are recognising that it is the quality of their employees which has the greatest impact on the success of their business. So, choosing the ‘right’ recruitment partner for hiring your workforce is more important than ever!

Here’s 3 Top tips to picking the right agency for you:

Do your research.

The recruitment agency you ultimately decide to partner with will depend on several factors including their specialist industries, the services they offer, what they charge and their success rate etc. As there is such a large selection of agencies out there, it is important to take your time and investigate your options thoroughly. You can do this by first looking at available case studies, checking testimonials and feedback from the clients they are working with, and then compare the quality of works with that of top competitors. This should help you to narrow down your selection of potentials into a more manageable shortlist.

Interview prospective agencies to see if they are a good fit.

Once you have established your hiring needs and done your research, you should have a shortlist of potential agencies that may be a suitable recruitment partner for your business. The next step is to screen them just like you would any potential candidate as it is vital to get a clear idea of whether the agency can provide the quality candidates you are looking for. For this, ask questions related to things like experience i.e., industries and clients, services they offer, their processes, charges rates, terms of business and KPI’s e.g., placements percentages, time frames etc. The more information you can gather about the recruiter, the more confident you will be when making the final decision and selecting a recruitment agency to partner with.

Check your budget and the finer details.

Searching for the best recruitment agency is obviously the natural thing to do but it’s useless if you cannot afford the services. With tighter budgets and having fewer resources available becoming a common occurrence, so finding the right recruitment agency for your business, the first time, is critical.
Many recruitment agencies provide high quality candidates, but their charges can be comparatively higher compared to other agencies which provide almost the same quality of employee. Making sure you check the T & C’s is an important aspect of the overall cost as well e.g. some agencies may offer a contingency to replace candidates that don’t pass the agreed probation period at no extra cost, whereas others will charge you an additional fee.
It is crucial to choose a recruitment agency who is transparent about all aspects of the recruitment process and offers a distinctive, consistent and authentic value proposition that meets your companies needs and budget.