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A Network Administrator is responsible for the smooth operation of computer networks. This role involves a range of activities on hardware and software, to solve a variety of computer problems accurately and efficiently. The person will plan, build, install and configure networks, as well as support end-users. The role is typically based in an office environment, with access to a range of hardware and software needed to complete the role. 


Main responsibilities

It is vital that a network administrator has excellent attention to detail and analysis skills, as the role will require identifying and solving network and system problems, and working with end-users to better understand their problems, and quickly resolving and optimising the situation. All the software and hardware is required to be regularly assessed and maintenance requirements and upgrades should be fulfilled and kept up-to-date. A Network Administrator is also required to maintain and manage all system documentation, by installing network file servers, maintaining them to a good standard, keeping backup copies of all files regularly and keeping all information safe and secure. 


People skills and communication

Good people skills also play a part in the role, as the Network Administrator will be required to consult with clients to decipher hardware and system requirements, and then plan, design and build solutions to suit their needs. A Network Administrator will also need to work closely with the IT support personnel and provide ongoing network administration tasks and support. 

The majority of companies around the world are now heavily dependent on computers and complex networks and in need of passionate and hard-working Network Administrators.